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Heilmann Park, Atascadero, CA

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18 Hole Slide Show

Course Information

Heilmann was the first 18 hole disc golf course in SLO County. Located in Atascadero (15 miles North of San Luis Obispo on Hwy 101) at about 1300 feet in elevation, Heilmann's inland location shelters it from the ocean fog and wind. The course winds its way through a dense oak and weeping willow forest. Most of the baskets are positioned on slopes or drop-offs. Weather is cool in the fall, winter, and spring (highs in the 70's), but it will routinely reach the 100 mark throughout the summer. There aren't any water hazards, but there's a little bit of OB over the chain-link fencing surrounding the park.

The course is slightly above moderate on distance and virtually every hole is reachable... but the lines are narrow and the trees are sticky, so Double-Bogeys tend to find their way into your game.

The park is not only beautiful; it also contains tennis courts, basketball courts, scattered BBQ pits, and horseshoe pits.


Go to SLO Throwers for more information.

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