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Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo, CA

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18 Hole Slide Show

Course Information

Current News : Back 9 Baskets are in. All 18 Temp Tees are in. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Become a Sponsor!
What's the Big Deal? PYD and the founders of SLOThrowers have been planning a course at Laguna for over 3 years. Thanks to Scott Martin's presentation to the City Council (September 2004), SLOThrowers managed to get permission to one day install the course in lieu of a sports complex - thus added to the 'Master Plan'. In the Fall of 2005, Logan Miller decided to make the "Laguna Temp Course" his Senior Project (design, totem-poles, budget); bringing SLOThrowers one step closer to having our prized course.

Why Laguna? Why Not?! Incredible amounts of land, grass, trees and WIND!!! Which allows for SLOThrowers to finally design a Disc Golf Course worthy/challenging for all players; even pros! Furthermore, Laguna has potential to be just as famous as De La Vega, Bijou and Santa Maria.

How much does it cost to be a sponsor? $900 PER HOLE.
What do I get for my sponsorship? Not only do you become part of the first professional Disc Golf Course in San Luis Obispo, but you will also receive PERMENANT ADVERTISING !!! On the hole that you sponsor, you will have your company's logo and contact information printed on the tee sign AND have a custom engraving on the tee box's bench.

How will my advertisement be protected for life ? SLOThrowers vows to manage, maintain and protect all of SLO County's Disc Golf Course Facilities. This includes replacing the Printed Tee Signs and refurbishing the installed Tee Boxes.

360 Degree Panorama

Important Links
  • Club Web Site
  • Course Map: Front 8 : Back 10
  • Course Construction Page

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